Students practice and improve their English knowledge in a playful fun game with a variety of activities. App respects different levels of proficiency and allows students to progress at their on speed. It allows teacher to devise fitted tasks for her/his class.

Brief Description

The activity for multiple mobile devices in the classroom. Make sure all students have accounts and internet access. Lesson Aims: Encourage thinking, listening, and speaking in target language; Motivate students to practice and improve outside the classroom; Students learn through a hands-on activity; Students with a wide range of abilities should be able to participate throughout

Possible tasks

Teacher runs examples on the screen / whiteboard if this is the first time students are using Duolingo. Teacher logs in and has students helping her/him through the exercises. 2. Students log in and try it out themselves. After accessing their Duolingo accounts, they can either take a placement test, should it be the first time or try a lesson following the natural sequence of the game. 3. Teacher sets a goal for how much she /he would like students to practice during the lesson. This can be a lessons cleared goal, reach a specific unit goal or a specified amount of practice time goal. Whichever suit the class better. 4. Teacher moves around and assists students. When not helping students who are stuck, you can go to your Duolingo Dashboard and keep track of students’ progress.


Early finisher tip. Early finishers can “Strengthen” lessons or “Practice With A Timer.” The challenge is to earn as many points as possible before the clock runs out, or to try to “beat the clock” by finishing the whole exercise before running out of time. Students sign up with Duolingo at home and practice outside the school environment.


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