2016 06 06 Visit Bruges with Turkeys partners

On Monday morning we meet each other in the Parkhotel where Acelya, Azlan and Ümit finished there breakfast ready for a trip to Bruges by train. We changed the day because other partners couldn't join us on Wednesday.

Below you can read info off some pictoresque places:

  • Minnewaterpark:

The castlle de la Faille, 1893. There was a girl Minna, she was in love with a boy. The boy must fight against the Romans.  After the fight, Minna was gone. She escaped into the wood for the Romans.
In memory of his love for Minna, he built the tower, the place where she died.

  • Beguinearea:

Before 1240: a few Christian women came here to live together.  In 1244 the beguinearea was founded.  They were not nons.
The church and the 30 with painted houses were built in de 16-17-18 century. 

  • OLV church

In 875: there was first a chapel, later in 1230 they started to built the church. It is 122.3 m high
There was a fight between Antwerp and Bruges, Bruges lost, Antwerp is 123 m

  • Groeninge museum

Here in this museum, you can find the most famous works of Flemish and Belgian paintart. Jan Van Eyck, Hans Memling…

  • Gruuthuuse

This was the citycastel (15e) of the rich and influence family of Gruuthuse. Nowadays its a museum with a lot of interesting things of the history of Bruges.

  • Huidevettersplein

In the 14th/15th century was this area for tanning the leather.  But in the 15th century it ended because it had a horrible smell.
Later it was used as a small fishmarket, you could by here cheap fish, for the normal peaple.  The rich people went to the other bigger fishmarket her near by.

  • De Burg

The square was the former fortres of Bruges.  It startes in 889 and it was walled. On this side there was a church, on the other side there was the building for the civil function.

  • Grote markt

On the square here is the belfry 83 meters high.  A belfry as we shall see in Ieper is typical for Flemish cities in the middle ages. A belfry was symbol for freedom, wealth and civil power. The money of the city was saved in there.
Earlier there was a wooden peak, the altitude was 15m, but it burned down twice in 1741.

In the evening we met all our partners who are staying in Ibis hotel and Park hotel in Kortrijk.