CILT (Community Integration Language Toolkit)

All documents, video's and evaluations are downloadable and open source.

Training Program Title

UK: Practical Strategies for Supporting Language Acquisition and Development in Primary Age Children. See also training module in Austria.

Romania: Integrating Signing Within the 2nd Language Curriculum. See also training module in Austria.

Belgium: Language Learning through ICT. See also training module in Austria.

Austria: The Immersion Method 'CLIL'. See also training module in Austria.

Aims and objectives of the module

To illustrate how practical resources and activities can be used in a primary setting to support language acquisition on a day to day basis. 


The theory/pedagogical approach that underpins the training module.

Learning Outcomes

Give an overview of the intended skills that that are to be developed by the people being trained/or what the children will learn to do.

Training Topics

Break down of each part of the training linked to the Learning Outcomes 


We are proud to present you the official CILT training video for use in the school.