2016 10 21 Minutes of meeting Steering group Romania

Thx to Jill for the report of the meeting and the agreement for the National Agency. You can find the minutes on the twinspace. (only for members)

2016 10 11 Skype Session steering group

Thanks to Jill from UK for the agenda

The report of the meeting with thanks to Julia. You can find the minutes on the twinspace. (only for members)


2016 09 08 skypesession 

Thanks to Jill for the agenda of the skypemeeting and Corina for the timetable for our visit to Romania.

You can find the minutes of the skype meeting by Jill on the twinspace. (only for members)

2016 08 11 skypesession steeringgroup.

Thanks to Jill for the agenda of the skypemeeting

Andrea, with the skypeaccount from Corina and Carmen from Romania ; Jill and Julia from UK, Hale from Turkey and Ilse and Johan from Belgium. We missed our partner from Austria.

Next skypemeeting on Thursday 8/09/2016 at same time (10:00 Belgian time)

2016 06 29 skype meeting teacher to teacher

Thank you to Julia for the agenda and the working example of the CILT of the skypemeeting.

Minutes/report of the skypesession you can find on the twinspace. (only for members)