The aim of the App is the playful support beim language acquisition especially for kids with migration background. Thus, it is suitable  for comprehensive language coaching of foreign kids, given a certain prior knowledge is existent.

Brief Description

Multidingsda is an App, which helps children to practice the basic vocabulary in a playful way, be it  substantives, verbs, adjectives or prepositions. In the free-of charge test version are namely just 2 of the in total 40 exercises released, which,  however, are sufficient to provide a survey over the varied forms of exercise. Based on senic pictures, words are learned in a first step. Thereby, varying practice forms are applied as  word-picture-allocations, speech bubbles- or picture allocations, letter puzzles or  also writing exercises.

A special feature is given by the possibility to let speak the operating procedures in a multitude of languages (amongst others, besides English, German, French also in Arabian, Bosnian, Portuguese, Russian and others).

Thus, the program is suitable especially for children with migration background for the support in the linguistic integration in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Possible Tasks

  • Practising of basic vocabulary
  • operate a learning program
  • Application in education: German as second language
  • Get to know playful modes of language use , e. g.: word-picture allocations, placing of speech bubbles, placing of word cards, solve letter puzzles, typing of words


  • FFProvided a sufficient linguistical  basis is already existent, the App is suitable for autonomous learning and practicing of the basic vocabulary.
  • Single exercises could be easily employed also in learning circles bzw. independent study phases in teaching.
  • At the end of each chapter an exam can be carried out.


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